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Garage doors comprise of various technical parts that work together to make a door functional. The security of your garage and your vehicles rely on the security sensors that every overhead garage door is equipped with.

We, at “Promaster Garage Doors and Windows”, provide solutions for malfunctioned sensors, damaged cables, worn-out springs, off-track doors along with providing quality door spare parts and budget-friendly installation plans.

What are Sensors in Garage Doors?

Homeowners are often unaware of the primary functioning and importance of the door sensors. They often ask our technicians at ‘Promaster’ ‘what is the working or primary function of the sensors of the garage door?’ Our technicians not only address such queries but also offer dependable solutions for malfunctioned sensors across Canada.

Why Garage Door Sensors are Vital?

Sensors for garage doors are very important because they prevent serious injuries that could happen if someone comes in the path of a closing garage door. The garage door sensors have two modules that get placed on each side of the garage door opening. It is placed towards the bottom of the track. One of the modules is responsible for emitting the electronic signal or light beam and the other module is there to receive the light beam or signal.

When the beam of light is uninterrupted then the garage door opener will operate and it will be possible to lower/open the door. In case there is an interruption e.g. any person coming under the closing garage door, the beam is interrupted and the opener of the garage door will stop and will reverse the action. The opener will raise back the door to open it completely. This is extremely helpful because anything that came beneath the closing door gets saved from getting injured.

Types of Garage Door Sensors
  • Safety Sensors – Safety sensors are meant to monitor the door and halt and reverse its direction if some object obstructs the path. These sensors use infrared beams to detect the objects.
  • Pressure Sensors – Pressure sensors are installed at the bottom edge of the door and immediately reverse the downward moving operation of the door after sensing some object in the path.
  • Monitoring Sensors – Monitoring sensors alert the homeowners if any of their doors remain open. These sensors can also be programmed to automatically close the door after a certain period of time.
  • CO2 Sensors – CO2 sensors are equipped with advanced level technology that are meant to measure the CO2 level in your garage.
Tips to Replace Garage Door Sensor
  • If garage door sensor is broken, it should be replaced by an experienced garage door technician.
  • Broken garage door sensors can cause serious injury and can prevent your garage door opener from opening properly. Thus, make sure to replace them after experiencing the initial possible signs of their failure.
Looking for Best Garage Door Sensor Repair Company in Canada?

We, at Promaster, offer our adroit technicians at your service to mend your garage door sensors in a flash. We aim to deliver top notch services that can provide true value for your money. Our company strive to provide you the kind of services that we would expect to receive. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Quality workmanship, professionalism, cost-effective services and excellent customer support are the four pillars of our garage door repair and installation company.

Call us to get an estimate for replacement and service of Garage Door Sensors.

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