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Garage doors are offered to be insulated or non-insulated depending on the customer’s needs. Whether you choose an insulated or non-insulated garage door you will have a variety of panel design to choose from. Insulating a garage door would serve two purposes; temperature control when required and rigidity of construction. Insulation material is offered in Polystyrene (styrene) or Polyurethane (foam-injected) for the highest level on insulation degree.

3000 Polyurethane: Iron + Insulation + Iron


  • Hand Crafted and Designed
  • Environmentally Safe Polystyrene Thermal Insulation
  • Heavy-Duty Exterior and Interior Steel Iron
  • Superior Energy Efficient

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Promaster Garage Doors & Windows is specialized in all types of garage openers, residential & commercial garage doors in Toronto. Residential garage doors come in a collection of designs and sizes, which are constructed using wood or steel. Choosing the appropriate material in the development of a insulated residential wood garage door will influence the occurrence of maintenance, warranty of paint and finish, and longevity.

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