Garage Door Weather Stripping – Install Weather Seals for Garage Doors

Garage is one of the essential rooms of every dwelling. That’s why you must look after it properly, even if its a stand-alone building and not absolutely attached to your house. Installing garage door weather stripping is the foremost thing you should do to retain its value and protect your home and valuables. Garage door seals or weather stripping are found around the edges of the door. These seals are installed to keep insects and bugs out of the garage while also keeping the hot or cold air from seeping inside. Weather stripping is crucial to reduce the utility bills and stay warmer during the winter.

There are mainly two types of weather stripping:

  • Top and Side Weather Stripping – Installed to seal the gaps between the door jamb and the door.
  • Bottom Boot – Seals the bottom of the door against the concrete.

As the garage door opens, it pulls away from the jamb. While closing it requires something to snug up to. Furthermore, the bottom of the door rest on the floor that doesn’t actually touch the floor completely. Thus, it becomes important to seal the bottom of the door to keep the hot and cold air out.

Garage Door Weather Stripping Process

Homeowners can have two types of weather stripping on their garage doors. On the top and sides of the door, wooden or vinyl trim rigged with rubber seal is installed. At the bottom of the door, rubber or vinyl boot is installed to seal off the gap between the floor and the door while it’s closed.

Step One – Our professionals will discuss the weather stripping installation job with you and tell you what they will do and how. They will install the weather stripping along the top and sides of the garage door.

Step Two – Our Canadian garage door specialists will install the weather strips at the bottom of the door to seal the gap between the door and the floor.

Benefits of Garage Door Weather Stripping


Weather stripping acts as a barrier between the door and its structural surrounds. It covers the small gaps and cracks to prevent water, dust, pests and air from seeping inside the garage. These bottom seals are vinyl and rubber pieces that are attached to the door bottom. They are firmly fixed using industrial strength adhesive to the floor and are robust and durable. These threshold seals are attached to the jambs, header using nails and screws.


Garage door weather strips keep the hot and cold weather out. They control the internal conditions and maintain the temperature inside. Thus, you can save a lot in utility bills while making the door energy efficient. Weather stripping insulates the garage and is considered as the most environment-friendly solution.


Garage doors are the largest moving part and are often handled roughly. This can damage the edges and even the plaster and surrounding walls. The weather strips will act like cushions protecting the closing surface of the door. This reduces the potential chances of the door and its surrounding materials getting damaged. Maintained and repaired doors eliminates the chances of frequent replacement or the need to refinish jambs and headers.

Why Choose Us?

We,at Promaster Garage Doors and Windows, ensure that all the gaps and cracks letting the air, pests and dust inside the garage are completely sealed. Our professionals use high quality material for weather stripping. Professionalism, excellent workmanship and high quality product are our three benchmarks that we strictly comply with. We aim to provide you an energy efficient door that works reliably for years.