Garage doors can be described as large doors on garages that are operated either manually or by an automated opener. Garage doors are usually large in order to allow automobiles and other large vehicles inside the garage. For small openings, it is possible to make garage doors in a single panel that can be tilted back upwards towards the ceiling. Larger openings need larger doors that are composed of jointed panels that roll up by sliding inside the track across the garage ceiling or roll above the doorway guided by rollers. The operating mechanism is either spring loaded or counter balanced in order to make the operation smoother. Some of the most common materials used in the construction of garage doors are wood, steel, aluminium and fiberglass though the most common material seems to be steel these days.

It is also common to insulate the garage doors to safeguard the interiors from extreme weather. There are several kinds of garage doors including single panel garage doors and sectional garage doors. Single panel garage doors are constructed from monolithic panels. While opening the garage, the monolithic door slides up overhead on rails. One disadvantage of single panel doors is that since the swing up arc happens partially outside the garage, vehicles must be stopped leaving enough gap in front of the garage to open the door. Unlike single panel garage door, sectional doors are made of six to eight panels jointed together. These kinds of doors slide up and overhead while opening them. One great advantage of sectional doors is that they do not require any space outside the garage to open. Each section of these doors are connected to the door track. Therefore, these kinds of doors are more robust and reliable. Roller doors are generally made from corrugated steel. Roller doors feature extension and torsion springs that enable easy operation of the door. Larger doors can be operated by a manual pulley or automated electric openers. Steel sheets are the most common material to fabricate garage doors.

In most cases, the steel sheet is designed to look like raised wooden panels. The three main variations in which steel doors are available include insulated, non-insulated and double skin steel types. Garage doors have become highly sophisticated these days. They have more than 300 moving parts. A number of companies are manufacturing a wide variety of garage doors. The most popular players in the garage door manufacturing industry include Liftmaster, Sears, Genie, Lynx, Stanley, Craftsman, Chamberlain and Wayne Dalton in addition to several others. While buying a new garage door, customers need to look into the following aspects. Different materials can impact the functioning of your garage door differently.

Therefore, the selection of material must take into account the purpose of the door. Next, go for a design that will blend well with the exteriors of your property. In addition, it is wise to choose the right kind of garage door firm to install the door. Also look for companies that will undertake to offer regular maintenance services. With the necessary add-ons, you can make your garaged door look great, convenient, safe, secure and durable.